Tampons, vibrating rings

Protect yourself is essential, spice up his love games is a must: vibrating rings to stimulate the 2 partners, masturbators and toys for solo fun, here you will find everything to multiply the pleasure felt. It is now possible to make love during menstruation with foam pads that retain the flow of blood without interfering with penetration. For intimate hygiene, find gentle and mucous-friendly cleansers, pregnancy and ovulation tests. And to work on your sexual performance and your libido, stimulants 100% natural, without side effects, which act on the energy and the vitality, in masculine and feminine.

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Lubets Mix Pack

Lubets Mix Pack

Lubets sensation enhancers, orgasm enhancers and massage oils!

Ä 10.79

Ä 11.99

Condomz CondomSizer

Condomz CondomSizer

Find your perfect condom in seconds.

Ä 1.00

Skyn Oriental Touch

Skyn Oriental Touch 2-in-1 Massage Gel

The 1st 2-in-1 massage gel in the Skyn range

Ä 9.99

Intimy Pomme díamour

Intimy Love Apple Massage Oil

A chewable massage gel to devour your partner

Ä 10.99

JoyDivision AQUAglide Massage + Glide

Lubricating gel + massage Aquaglide Joydivision

2in1 for sensual bodily sensations

Ä 12.90

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