Water-based vs silicone lubricant

Water-based vs silicone lubricant

Lubricate your antics!

Inadequate vaginal lubrication, anal penetration, intimate gels are the partners of all situations. With water or silicone, the question often comes up when choosing which one to put in your shopping cart.

Difference in price, texture difference but still 100% compatible with condoms, both gels are the only lubricants recommended for sexual relations, because they are dermatologically tested and therefore respect the most fragile mucous membranes. And then the difference in comfort is incomparable between an intimate lubricant and more or less lubricant products such as Vaseline. So silicone-based or water-based, choose your camp!

Water based lubricant

Water-based, they are the most popular and cheapest intimate lubricants. It is mistakenly believed that they are the only ones compatible with condoms (silicone lubricants are also 100% compatible with latex), but it is true that they are the gels most often used by manufacturers to lubricate male condoms.

Neither too fluid nor too viscous, they are very easy to spread in all situations. They do not stain or stick and are very easy to clean with water but can not be used in the shower or bath as they dissolve in water. If the report lasts, do not hesitate to return regularly to maintain lubricity, water-based gels dry faster than silicone-based gels. For maximum softness, some like Manix Gel are enriched with Aloe Vera: maximum comfort!

Silicone lubricant

This is the lubricant Rolls: they have a lubricating power 5 times higher than water-based gels and can also be used as massage oil. They do not dissolve so easily in water and are therefore recommended for bathing or showering. They do not stick and wash with warm water and mild soap. Be careful, they should never be used with silicone sex toys. Their fluidity is the same as water-based lubricants, but there are also very fluid silicone lubricants like Pjur Light Love for slippery sensations.


If you are looking for a cheap and convenient lubricant, for your condoms or sex toys, choose a water-based lubricant. If you want optimal lubrication for your anal or vaginal sex and your intimate caresses, choose a silicone-based lubricant. In both cases you will be surprised by the most brought to all your reports!

The opinion of our customers

Our customers have tried and they loved.

? Laure, PJUR Light Love : A product very practical and so pleasant to use! The relationships are very different ... They can last longer and are much more enjoyable. It also allows for more sexy games.

? Fréderic, MANIX Gel : The result is really nice, penetration (whatever it is) is really facilitated ... It is true that the feeling of cold is surprising at first, but it is done quickly that it’s for good ;-). The product spreads naturally where it is needed and pleasantly prolongs the pleasure of both sides.


Wilfried BORG - CPO (Chief Préservatif Officer)

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