BTB Coffret

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BTB Coffret

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  • A well-filled package
  • Those who like to experiment
Opt for Back To Basics lubricants, vegetarian lubricants not tested on animals!

Introducing BTB Coffret

This box contains 8 lubricants:

- Flavored : to give flavor to your sexual intercourse. Taste: Red fruits, Mango and Chocolate.
- Cool Feeling : a refreshing intimate gel.
- Warm Feeling : for intensely warmer moments.
- Anal : provides effective lubrication and a feeling of relaxation.
- Silicone : if you are looking for ultra-resistant lubrication.
- Water : guarantees maximum sliding and comfort.

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Usage tips

Before use, carefully read the instructions supplied with the product. And consult our guide to learn how to use a lubricating gel .
Check that the lubricant tube or bottle is not punctured or damaged, and check the expiry date.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
In case of appearance of redness or itching, stop sexual intercourse and clean the skin well with water, consult a doctor in case of doubt.

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