How to practice a good sensual massage?

How to practice a good sensual massage?

Massage is the caress par excellence. It is measured and paced according to the state and who receives it and who gives it. The body is massaged from head to toe, in every corner: the neck, the temples, the arches, the shoulders, the back are the places that win the most votes. But from the scalp to the toes, every centimeter of skin will appreciate a mastered massage technique, be gently kneaded, fiddled, hugged, greased with fingertips and with both hands.

There is an infinity of massage techniques, depending on the needs of each and the results we want to achieve. If you just want to do and have fun, you can just follow your inspiration of the moment. Just then consider the massage as a caress a little special and a little more supported than a touch of the body. But if you want to make massage a great moment of sensuality and relaxation for two, then follow our advice and learn the techniques of massage professionals.

The different massage techniques

Thai massage

Thai massage is a traditional massage from Thailand and is not at all an erotic massage like those offered to tourists in Bangkok. Also known as nudad boe rarn Thai massage is a technique that is practiced on a mattress laid on the ground and on loose clothing and consists of putting pressure on different parts of the body, stretching and mobilizations.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage comes from Ayurveda traditional and ancestral Indian medicine. It is a massage technique that is preferably done on the ground with a hot oil application on the naked body. It consists of massaging each part of the body in depth, from head to toe, in order to facilitate the circulation of energies.

Swedish massage

Created by a Swedish pedagogue, Peter Henrik Ling, towards the end of the 18th century, Swedish massage originates from Asia. Swedish massage consists of several techniques to apply on muscles and joints: effleurage, kneading, friction, patting and vibration. It is practiced with the help of energetic gestures and the accentuated and deep pressures on the level of the muscles.

Californian massage

Californian massage, meanwhile, was created in the 70s by a group of psychotherapists in California. It is primarily a relaxing massage that is practiced on a person lying on a mattress or carpet on the floor, ideally naked or almost. The technique of Californian massage consists in making long movements very soft, fluid and enveloping. The Californian massage is performed with massage oil with essential oils that gives more toning or soothing effects depending on the choice.

Korean massage

Originally from Korea, the Korean massage consists of a relaxation specifically aimed at feeling tension and relaxing the body and mind and developing a feeling of letting go gradual. Korean massage helps to relieve tension through passive mobilizations of the joints, gentle stretching of muscles and vibrations.

Hawaiian massage

From the Hawaiian island of the Pacific, Hawaiian massage revitalizes and energizes the body. Exercised with longitudinal movements and delicate stretching exercises, this massage technique provides a feeling of deep relaxation. The Hawaiian massage is done directly on the skin with a lot of massage oil.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage comes from a Japanese technique where Shi means finger and Astu the pressure. It consists in healing the painful places of the body by exerting simple pressure and friction by the thumb, the fingers or the palm. Through these vibrations, percussions, stretches or pressures slipped on certain sensitive areas of the body, shiatsu massage helps to release energy, stimulate the resources of recovery, eliminate the factors generating tension and fatigue, promote well-being and to increase flexibility.

Erotic or sensual massage

Erotic or sensual massage is practiced at home with all types of oils, including erotic oils. The sensual massage allows the mind to pick up daily concerns and relax the body. The gentle and languid movements of the massage awaken the bodies to sensuality, and create a harmonious contact between the two partners. With heating oils, edible and erotic partners add sensuality in the massage that usually leads to foreplay.

Techniques to massage every part of the body

Every inch of skin will enjoy the massage differently, but will appreciate it. The only and important precaution concerns the vertebrae which it is better to avoid at the beginning. It is said that one must always go in the direction of the circulation of the blood: that is to say in the direction of the heart. It seems, however, that this principle is only valid for certain medical massages.


The skull prefers a massage a little firm at the edge of scratching but without the nails, in any case, at first. It is practiced with the fingertips. Place the ten fingers fan-shaped around the head, thumbs down (at the base of the skull and at the top of the neck). Start by moving the scalp without moving your fingers. Make progress by always including the skull of your ten fingers, the two little ones going to the temples. Tighten and spread your fingers with small rotations. Move the little fingers down to the eyebrows. Make the thumbs go from behind the ears to the nape of the neck.

The face

The face also likes to be massaged. All its edges will relax between the thumb and the folded index which will pinch them without pain. Cheekbones, eyebrows, outer corners of the eyes, hollow cheeks, base of the jaw, chin, under the chin, between the nose and mouth, between the mouth and chin, the contour of the ears and the two muscles that are each side of the throat, from the base of the ear to the start of the bust, in order and in disorder.


The neck is a very sensitive place and very pleasant to be massaged. The massage of the neck allows to relax completely and evacuate the stress. Indeed, the trapezius muscles cover the neck. Put your fingers languidly on the neck from top to bottom then from bottom to top.


The hand is an extremely developed and important organ. Hand massage is usually done by pressing and sliding the knuckles between the fingers. Run your fingers slowly over the top of your hand until you pass them between your fingers.

The back

The back massage is probably the most appreciated massage because very relaxing. The back muscles are solicited to hold the body straight. By applying generously oil on the back, the fingers will slide on this immense surface of skin. Start from the lower back to go up to the shoulders and come back down. Feel free to use your nails without forcing too much on the oiled skin to give your partner chills and relax it.


The buttocks are a very erogenous zone. The massage is usually done through the feeling of the person. Either she will let touch her buttocks or she will refuse because very ticklish. In any case, gently massage and pressing and kneading the skin.


The leg massage completes the back massage. The calf massage is particularly appreciated because it releases the tension in the muscles. Press lightly with your fingers as you move back and forth on the calves. Going up on the thighs you will massage longer to wake up the desire at the top of the thighs.

The feet

The feet are the part of the body that is the most abused in shoes because the skin does not breathe. The foot massage can become very sensual when you add the language for example. For example, you can press the toes, massage the arch.

The basic rules of a good massage

If you carefully follow the reactions of your partner, you will very naturally have indications that allow you to dose your actions and find the right rhythms. In the case of leisure massage, it is best not to insist too much not to wrinkle the muscles. Do not act directly on the spine to avoid the risk of moving a vertebra. Oil or cream your hands for comfort.

If you act slowly and regularly, expect your partner to relax to the point of falling asleep, do not offend, this is proof of your expertise. If you hope to provoke sexual arousal, vary the rhythms and pressures. There, again, the reactions of the body will be precious guides.

Also bring surprises that keep the senses awake; to go from one shoulder to one buttock, from one foot to the face, to leave one’s hands suspended a few seconds before resting them. Use accessories: horsehair gloves for heat, tennis balls to roll, feathers, nails, hair, breasts, etc ...

One of the erotic massages par excellence is the body body. It consists of massaging the body of the other with all of his own body previously oiled.

Our 7 tips for a sensual massage

  1. Before you begin, create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and relaxation: dim light, incense or scented candle and background music will be your best assets.
  2. Then warm up your hands under warm running water and comfortably stretch your partner on a warm towel on the bed.
  3. Gently pour a little oil or massage cream into the palm of your hand, warm up by rubbing your hands, then spread on the part to be massaged.
  4. Start the massage with the effleurage: caresses with the hands laid flat always sliding from bottom to top.
  5. To relieve muscular tension, you can press your thumb or the palm of your hand gradually along the spine and then release at the same rate without jerking.
  6. To tone the fleshy parts, you can grasp flesh and muscle between your thumb and other fingers by gently kneading. Or do a palpé-roulé.
  7. Then let your hands go with your inspirations and finish the massage with a light touch.

With these tips and techniques, the massage will have no more secrets for you and it will become a pleasure to massage and be massaged. The massage is an excellent introduction to a naughty evening because it relaxes the atmosphere.


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