How to put on a french letter?

How to put on a french letter?

The first time, we have lots of things in mind, questions, stage fright too. The installation of the hood is part of it: at that time, you don’t want to have to start again 10 times! And as it is essential to use one to protect yourself from AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, we thought that a little guide on putting on the hood could be practical. Ah yes, one last thing: as with football or tennis, good training allows you to be better on match day: so try it alone before!

Protect your condoms

Pay attention to how you store it. Indeed, this can have an impact on the quality of it. It can become brittle and break during intercourse. Heat and light can have this effect. You should never keep them in your pocket, your wallet or in the glove compartment of your car. Just take some before you go out and if you haven’t used them put them in the box, quietly in your closet. Especially protected from light, in a dry and cool place.

Choose the right hood size

Always pay attention to the CE marking on the box, but also on the packaging.

Size level, there are several. You have to take into account the width of the penis as well as the length. In France, the average size is between 12 and 17 cm. But the length can vary by brand, as can the width. A model, for a certain brand, can measure 165mm while on another brand, it will be 175mm. It is best to check the exact measurements. This is an important point. If it is too small, you will feel oppressed and uncomfortable and it may break. Too large, she will move and risk staying inside her partner. Information on the boxes can help you make your choice. Generally, you will find three different sizes: small, medium and large. In order not to be caught off guard you can experiment, it is better to be careful in certain situations than to go headlong.

Pay attention to the opening

Never anticipate the use of the hood, open it at the last minute. Never use a scissor, you risk piercing it. And another point to check, the date. A date has passed and it can break.

How to put it?

Once opened, as said above avoid scissors or any sharp object like teeth or nails, you have to make sure that you are going to put it in place on the right side. The hood has a ring, it must be outside. If because of the excitement of the moment, or simply panic, it does not run smoothly, no worries, throw it away and take another. You have the right not to get there or to be wrong. There is no shame, stay calm and start again.

To be able to place it, the penis must be completely erect. It should be tight enough but not too tight to keep it comfortable. Pinch the entire tank. This will prevent an air pocket from forming by putting it on. It decreases the risk of rupture and it leaves room for sperm after ejaculation.

Put it on top of the penis and then you have to unroll it. You should unroll it easily over the entire length of the penis. Always put on the hood before the genitals of the 2 partners touch, because the erect penis can produce a pre-ejaculatory fluid and it can contain sperm.

And at the end ?

Immediately after ejaculation, leave your partner to remove it. To do this, take the bottom of the hood with your hand and withdraw. This prevents it from getting stuck or sperm from escaping. Do not wait, because your penis will soften and the hood may get stuck in your partner. Then you have to close it by making a knot to avoid putting it everywhere. Ideally, wrap it in paper towel or in toilet paper. Then head for the trash and not the toilet. Here is the procedure to follow to have a good time.


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