Manix Natural

"The Manix Natural, safety and comfort"

Manix Natural

Manix Natural

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  • A simple Manix condom
  • Comfortable and secure
  • For those who prefer Manix quality at the best price
Manix Natural is a basic latex condom with standard dimensions, lubricated with reservoir, in a box of 20 condoms.

Introducing Manix Natural

Manix Natural is a basic latex condom with standard dimensions, lubricated with reservoir.

Favoring simplicity and discretion, opt for Manix Natural for optimal comfort and safety.

Sold in boxes of 14 + 6 free, test a sample of MANIX NATURAL (UNIT) now for free

Use-by date: 2025/06

Buy Manix Natural classic

Pay the right price for your condom online. Without neglecting quality, these hoods offer you CE standard protection, with good lubrication, for less money than others. Those who purchased Manix Natural found a standard condom at the right price. Read our customer reviews on Manix Natural and compare our CE and NF standard hood offers.

Manix, No. 2 in condoms in France

Founded by the French laboratory Degan in 1987, the Manix brand has been recognized for 30 years for the finesse of its hoods. The Manix Infini 002 launched in the 90s was the thinnest condom on the market. Manix quickly became number 2 in France, thanks to offbeat advertising spots. In 1992, Manix launched the first deproteinized latex condom: it contained fewer latex proteins, those which cause allergies in sensitive subjects. Manix convertible tops are manufactured in the technological factories of the Lifestyles group, the world number 2 in convertible tops which also manufactures the Skyn, Unimil and Lifestyles brands. Manix are also super sensual lubricants suitable for all pleasures.

Capacity: 20pc
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