Mister Size 69mm (par 3, 10 ou 36)

"The mega-large condom!"

Mister Size 69mm (par 3, 10 ou 36)

Mister Size 69mm (par 3, 10 ou 36)

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  • A condom with a nominal width of 69mm
  • To be even more comfortable.
  • If you need an extra-wide fit
Mega-large condoms with a nominal width of 69mm are available in packs of 3, 10 or 36 condoms.

Introducing Mister Size 69mm (par 3, 10 ou 36)

Mister Size 69mm is the condom that adapts to your size, it is one of the seven condom sizes offered by Mister Size. It's the perfect companion for your extra-large penis.

Available in three different packaging sizes, you can choose between:
  • 3 pieces: for a practical and simple test
  • 10 pieces: for nights to come
  • 36 pieces: for the reserve

Mister Size offers you 7 different sizes of condoms ranging from a nominal width of 47 mm to 69 mm. For a slightly larger condom, try the Mister Size 69mm.

To find out which condom size is best for you, you can also purchase the CondomzSizer during your next visit. Click here to discover the CondomzSizer.

If you don't know your size, we recommend one of our trial kits with three different sizes: 60 / 64 / 69. If you have already tried this, you can of course order the size you need directly. wish.
MISTER SIZE is a revolution: for the first time, you will be able to find the condom in your size! Rather thin or rather wide, there is always a MISTER SIZE for your penis, it is the guarantee of exceptional comfort and always top protection.

Available in 7 widths from 47mm to 69mm, for penis diameters from 3 to 4.8cm (or circumference from 9.5 to 15cm). Consult the Mysize selector to find the condom best suited to your size.

Penis circumference (cm) 9.5 to 10 10 to 11 11 to 11.5 11.5 to 12 12 to 13 13 to 14 14 to 15
Size to order 47mm 49mm 53mm 57mm 60mm 64mm 69mm

  • 47: 160mm
  • 49: 160mm
  • 53: 178mm
  • 57: 178mm
  • 60: 193mm
  • 64: 223mm
  • 69: 223mm
Sizes 47, 49, 53 and 57 are 50 microns thick and sizes 60, 64 and 69 are 60 microns thick.

For maximum safety, like all condoms sold on Condomz, MISTER SIZE complies with the CE standard.

Sale of Mister Size 69mm condoms (per 3, 10 or 36) xl

A large condom provides more comfort for large penises and better security: less compressed, the risk of bursting is lower. Wider, longer, we sell all sizes, remember to measure your penis to find your perfect size. Buyers of Mister Size 69mm (per 3, 10 or 36) have found a reliable and comfortable large size condom. Consult our customer tests on Mister Size 69mm (per 3, 10 or 36) and discover all our offers in large size XL condoms.

EAN/UPC of Box:3 condoms: 4260605480195
EAN/UPC of Box:10 condoms: 4260605480201
EAN/UPC of Box:36 condoms: 4260605480218

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