RelaxXXX Original

"Relaxing spray based on natural compounds"

RelaxXXX Original

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Spray 15 ml

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The Anal Anal Spray RelaxXXX puts at the service of anal pleasure his know-how. You will have no reason to apprehend sodomy, RelaxXXX gel will relax the anal area without anesthetizing you for maximum sensations.

Introducing RelaxXXX Original

You will find in your spray Aloe, which has soothing, healing and moisturizing benefits. But also Eugenia Caryophyllus which is an aphrodisiac and a powerful stimulant. Your spray with a vegetal composition that has something to reassure as much about its effectiveness as the comfort it promises you. By its composition it is very respectful of your skin.
Unlike other sprays, RelaxXXX does not numb the anal area, it gives an impression of freshness, followed by a feeling of relaxation without being desensitized.
Its spray bottle allows a very easy and controlled use of your anal relaxant.


aqua, glycerin, glyceryl cocoate, laureth-9, hydrogenated castor oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, eugenia caryphyllus, eugenol

Capacity: 15ml
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Usage tips

1 to 2 sprays are sufficient to apply on the anal area

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