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  • A latex-free, ultra-thin condom
  • For more intense sensations
  • For anyone looking for a natural sensation
  • Already more than 400 Skyn ELITE (UNIT…) sold on our site
Skyn Elite condom because we always want more sensations, Skyn Etite is a revolutionary condom, latex-free and ULTRA thin.

Introducing Skyn ELITE (UNIT…)

Discover the Skyn Elite condom made of polyisoprene, an almost imperceptible material. With all the qualities of latex without the drawbacks, the Skyn Elite offers a "second skin" feeling for more sensation.

More comfortable and better fitting the anatomy, this condom ensures maximum safety equivalent to standard latex condoms.

With a nominal width of 53 mm, a smooth surface, a reservoir, and a transparent color, this condom meets CE standards. Each pouch contains a single condom.

Sending free Skyn ELITE condom (UNIT)

The easiest way to choose your condom is to test it. For this we send you a free sample of Skyn ELITE (UNIT). If you place an order for other products, the shipping costs are those in the price list. And if you do not want to order other condoms, we only ask you to contribute to the shipping costs in an envelope (?1.70 in mainland France).

SKYN, the world',s leading latex-free condom

Created by the Ansell lab in 2009, SKYN latex-free condoms are developed based on SKYNFEEL?, a revolutionary synthetic material based on polyisoprene without natural rubber: they are much more pleasant to wear than a natural latex condom. SKYNFEEL? allows both lovers amazing sensations of comfort and pleasure and gives the sensation of wearing nothing, while being completely safe for individuals allergic to latex. SKYN condoms are subject to severe testing and meet the most stringent safety standards. And for even greater safety, SKYN condoms are manufactured in a factory completely isolated from any facility processing natural rubber latex. 98% of couples who have tested SKYN condoms recommend them: you will surely love them! SKYN are also new super sensual gels for all practices.

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