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Introducing Durex Natural

Sale of Durex Natural Original vegetarian condoms

A vegetarian condom does not contain any animal products and for example no casein protein usually used with latex. The lubricating gel used is also completely vegetarian. Those who have purchased Durex Natural Original have found a vegetarian and reliable condom. Consult our customer tests on Durex Natural Original and discover all our Vegan Condom offers (without animal protein).

Durex, Nį1 of the condom in the world

Founded in 1929, Durex is the oldest condom brand: the brand name comes from a marketing concept that presents the three main qualities that a condom must have: DUrability (durability), REliability (reliability) and EXcellence (excellence). ). An innovative brand, Durex invented the first scented condom (1995), the first latex-free condom (1997), the first beaded and ribbed condom (2001). Durex manufactures its condoms with the best quality latex, they are electronically tested to ensure that no holes are present. Durex is more than 4 billion condoms sold each year, manufactured in one of the group',s 17 factories: you can trust them, they are the best. Also try the high-quality Durex Play lubricant gel , water-based, silicone-based or scented for all pleasures.

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