Lubets Pack de Lubrifiants

"Infinite pleasure with the Lubets Lubricant Pack, sensational gliding at every moment!"

Lubets Pack de Lubrifiants

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  • A Pack of Lubets Lubricants
  • For a variety of exhilarating sensations and sensational gliding
  • for anyone looking for an unforgettable sensory experience
Discover the Lubets Lubricant Pack: five high-quality lubricants for infinite glide and exhilarating intimate moments.

Introducing Lubets Pack de Lubrifiants

In this pack you can test them all, this will allow you to dive into an unforgettable sensory journey with the different Lubets Lubricants, a collection of five lubricants carefully selected to enrich your intimate moments. Each lubricant in this pack offers a unique experience:
  • 1 : < /a > An environmentally friendly water-based formula. Thermal effect for a lubricant that increases sensations.

  • Whether you're looking for a smooth, silky glide, exciting hot sensations or prolonged performance, the Lubets Lubricant Pack has everything you need to satisfy all your intimate desires.

    Buy intimate water lubricant Lubets Pack of Lubricants

    Adapted to condoms, intimate water lubricants provide comfort during vaginal or anal sex. They do not stain and can be cleaned with a little soapy water. All lubricating gels sold on Condomz have been tested under dermatological control. Those who purchased Lubets Pack of Lubricants like its price. Consult our customer tests on Lubets Pack of Lubricants and discover all our offers in water-based intimate lubricant.


water glycerin propylene glycol hydroxyethylcellulose carbomer triethanolamine parabens (methylparaben, propylparaben) natural and artificial flavors food colors preservatives

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Usage tips

Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the desired area. Renew the application as needed to maintain an optimal sliding sensation. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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