Manix Super

"Tough and security for a safe bet."

Manix Super

Manix Super

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Box of 4 condoms

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  • Solid economic and Condoms
  • Guarantee your protection for a minimal price, quality Manix
  • For those who value quality at the best price Manix
  • Already more than 100 Manix Super sold on our site
Manix Super is a classic condom that fits all situations. The fun safely.

Introducing Manix Super

The classic of MANIX collection.
Flexible and discreet, it is also easy to place making it the ideal partner for all situations.

Sale of Manix Super (per 4) classic

Pay the fair price for your condom on the Internet. Without neglecting the quality, these soft tops offer you CE standard protection, with good lubrication, for less than others. Those who bought Manix Super (per 4) found a standard condom at a fair price. Consult our customer tests on Manix Super (by 4) and discover all our offers in standard CE and NF standard soft top.

Data sheet

> Sun: 177x53mm
> End (50-55 microns)
> Smooth surface
> Lubricated with reservoir
> Color: pink
> Standard CE

Capacity: 4pc
Price incl. VAT / pc: Ä 0.40

EAN/UPC: 3532281603207

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