Orgie Serum anal

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Orgie Serum anal

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  • An anal lubricating serum
  • For more comfort
The Orgie anal lubricant serum is silicone-based. Its moisturizing formula will give you sensations and intense pleasure.

Introducing Orgie Serum anal

The Orgie anal lubricant serum is silicone-based. Its moisturizing formula will give you sensations and intense pleasure.

Buy the lubricant to delay ejaculation Orgie Serum anal

Prolong the rise of ejaculation with a delaying gel: put it on the penis a little before penetration. Its desensitizing effect allows better control of ejaculation. Formulated with benzocaine (local anesthetic) or menthol. Remember to clean your penis after putting on the gel, or to put on a condom to avoid any contact of the product with your partner's mucous membranes. Those who have purchased Orgie Serum anal appreciate its delaying effect. Follow our user reviews on Orgie Serum anal and compare our offers in Gel to delay ejaculation.

Capacity: 50ml
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Usage tips

Before use, carefully read the instructions supplied with the product. And consult our guide to learn how to use a lubricating gel .
Check that the lubricant tube or bottle is not punctured or damaged, and check the expiry date.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
In case of appearance of redness or itching, stop sexual intercourse and clean the skin well with water, consult a doctor in case of doubt.

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