Sagami Sagami Original 0.02

"Sagami Original 0.02 condoms are made of Polyurethane, so they are very thin for more natural sensations."

Sagami Sagami Original 0.02

Sagami Sagami Original 0.02

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  • Extra thin condoms
  • For natural sensations
No more excuses with Sagami original 0.02 condoms you can no longer say you feel anything with a condom, their thinness is 20 microns, to compare with something familiar, it's about as thin as the film of plastic that you usually use in your kitchen.
That does not prevent them from being 3 times more resistant than latex condoms, they are not about to crack, not like you who are going to feel a maximum of sensations.

Introducing Sagami Sagami Original 0.02

Sagami Original condoms offer a completely different natural feel than traditional rubber condoms.
Ultimately thin, this 0.02 millimeter film incorporates the best of Sagami technologies.
Polyurethane is an excellent heat transmitter, instantly transmitting heat to your partner's skin for a more natural feel.
Thanks to their composition, these condoms are odourless, colorless and suitable for users allergic to latex.

Buy Sagami Original Very Thin Condoms 0.02

To preserve maximum sensations between the 2 partners, condoms are becoming less and less thick. Ultra-thin is less than 60 microns (0.06 millimetres) between you and your partner. Obviously all these condoms are as strong as the others and comply with the CE standard. Those who have purchased Sagami Original 0.02 like its finesse and the sensations it provides. Follow our user reviews on Sagami Original 0.02 and compare our offers in Ultra-thin condom, natural sensations.

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Usage tips

Before use, carefully read the instructions printed inside the box. And see our guide on how to put on a condom .
Check that the condom packaging (plastic or aluminum foil) is not opened or damaged, and check the expiry date.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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