Shunga Organic Erotic Massage

"A delicate massage oil and 100% organic."

Shunga Organic Erotic Massage

Shunga Organic Erotic Massage

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Introducing Shunga Organic Erotic Massage

Shunga Erotic Massage is composed of a blend of refined vegetable oils and certified organic. Flavored with a delicious flavor with exotic green tea this oil will immerse you in a haunting atmosphere wish that all your senses.

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> Certified Organic
> Inedible

Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Sweet Almond: € 78.75
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Exotic green tea: € 78.75
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Neutral: € 78.75
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Maple delight: € 78.75

EAN/UPC of Perfume:Sweet Almond: 697309013123
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Neutral: 697309013222
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Exotic green tea: 697309013116
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Maple delight: 697309013208

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