How to use a lubricating gel?

How to use a lubricating gel?

Once the good lubricant chosen (formulation, texture, taste), it will then be necessary to use it well for it to be effective, comfortable and lasts a long time: you do not know how to do? No problem, we explain everything!

At the opening, do not put everywhere!

You do not want to dirty the sheets or your clothes? So grab the tube and open the head up: it’s stupid, but most lubricants are very fluid and flow easily, this way it will not flow. Or opt for a gel with diffuser: a simple pressure can get the right dose, without putting anywhere. More expensive but practical!

How much lubricant to use?

Do not take too much at first: put a large amount of lubricating gel on your index finger and middle finger. It is better to add dose per dose rather than emptying half of the tube and dirty the sheets, to have between the thighs and everywhere on the hands. Always keep the tube next to you, so that you can put some lube back in during the break. If you use a silicone-based lubricant, you can use a small nut on the index finger: the lubricity is 5 times higher than that of a water-based gel, and it is also more difficult to clean: do not overdo it!

How to apply the lubricant?

The gel is at your fingertips, apply it gently on the hole to lubricate, do not hesitate to play with your fingers to introduce the lubricant inside the anus or vagina, and leave it in all around. If necessary, depending on your feelings and the feeling of your partner take a dose and apply it again on and in the hole.

Then, place a nut directly on your glans and spread the lubricant along the length of your penis (not necessary if you use an already lubricated condom). That’s it, you’re ready for a well lubricated, comfortable and enjoyable two!

Utilisez votre lubrifiant différemment

If your partner likes the feeling of freshness, you can leave the pod or the tube of lubricating gel in a cool place (in the fridge but not in the freezer!) And take it out at the last moment, or on the contrary you can warm the pod or the tube in your hands before applying it. Guaranteed sensations!

For more comfort and pleasure, you can put a drop of gel on the glans or at the bottom of the hood before putting on, which allows a more pleasant contact with the latex.

Last reminder: only lubricant gels based on water or silicone are 100% compatible with condoms. Never use an oil-based lubricant, or an oily food product (butter, olive oil, petrolatum, etc.) with a latex condom: this will make it porous and therefore ineffective.


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