Quel est le prix d’un préservatif ?

Quel est le prix d’un préservatif ?

On the Internet, a male condom is sold between 15 cents and 3.30 euros per unit. In pharmacies, they are sold without prescription between 50 cents and 2 euros or 6 to 12 euros a box (brands Durex and Manix).

You will also find condoms for sale in small and large areas cheap, between 50 cents and 2 euros each, or from 3 euros a box of 6.

The female condom is more difficult to find, it is sold on the Internet at ? 1.60, pharmacy at ? 2 and it is not found in supermarkets.

And the condom refunded?

Since 2019, the social security reimburses the condom under certain conditions. It must be indispensable for the person, for medical reasons. For the moment only one brand is eligible for reimbursement, it is Eden, sold at 1.60 euros on 6 or 2.60 euros 12. The Sécu reimburses 60% of this amount. Your mutual may eventually repay the remaining 40% depending on your coverage. Objective: to strengthen the fight against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), while many of them are in progress or in recrudescence.

Alternatively, you can also find free condoms in family planning centers, in the offices of many associations, and at music festivals in summer sponsored by the big brands of condoms.

Why is the condom so expensive?

Condoms are made by large multinationals (labs that own brands like Durex and Manix), and they are not used to losing money on what they sell! Joking aside, the condom is a technical product, classified as a medical device in France: many tests are carried out during manufacture, and whole lots of several thousand condoms can be thrown away if a single condom of the lot is not in accordance with the standards in force. This cost of compliance is necessarily reflected in the selling price.

It is also necessary to pay the harvesters of latex, a difficult job. Some brands labeled Fair Trade better pay farmers and harvesters (most often in Asia), which inflates a little the price of condoms. And then big brands do research and development: they test new materials, make new shapes and new textures. All this costs a lot of money. Finally, the marketing and sales costs (advertising, distribution) can represent up to 35% of the final price: to make known its new product and referencing it at all the pharmacists and in all the supermarkets is very expensive.

What is the cheapest condom?

We are proud at Condomz to have launched the condom to 15 cents in 2003. Ok the idea was from Christophe Dechavanne, who had launched the condom at 1 franc in the 90s, but pharmacists had abandoned the concept. So we took it back, for sale online, to offer the cheapest condom in Europe!

And what is the most expensive condom in the world?

Lelo Hex is today the condom at the most stratospheric price: ? 3.30 the hood, it starts to be expensive to protect itself. But beware, at this price, you have the best of the best: the condom structure is inspired by graphene (one of the strongest material), hexagon-shaped: thinner but stronger than other condoms in latex, it preserves all the sensations. And then appear with a hood of luxury, it can sometimes impress his / her partner.


Wilfried BORG - CPO (Chief Préservatif Officer)

Co-fondateur de Condomz et créateur de la marque Condomz en 2003, j'achète et je vends des préservatifs et des lubrifiants partout dans le monde.
Incollable sur la norme NF et le procédé de fabrication de la capote, j'ai parcouru la planète pour dénicher les meilleurs usines et les meilleurs modèles.
Fier d'avoir aider à protéger des millions d'Européens et d'Européennes depuis plus de 20 ans

Une question sur le préservatif ou le lubrifiant : wilfried.borg@mblab.fr

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