Shunga Massage Erotique

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Shunga Massage Erotique

Shunga Massage Erotique

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Introducing Shunga Massage Erotique

Enjoy the pleasures of giving or receiving a sensual, erotic massage using our exclusive blend of cold-pressed oil made from almond oil, oil of grape kernels, oil seeds sesame, avocado oil, safflower oil, vitamin E, extracts of essential oils of ylang-ylang and yohimbe, and depending on the fragrance of essential oils of lavender extracts , pink flowers, peach flowers, apple blossoms, orange blossoms, and vanilla.

Available in 12 érotisantes fragrances.

Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Aphrodisia roses: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Desire vanilla: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Libido exotic fruits: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Lavender Sensation: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Fishing Stimulation: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Romance Strawberry Champagne: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Serenity Monoi: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Adorable Coconut Thrills: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Love Lotus Heart: € 33.13
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Irresistible Fusion of Asia: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Midnight Flower Seduction: € 66.25
Price incl. VAT / L of Perfume:Sensual Flower of the Islands: € 66.25

EAN/UPC of Perfume:Aphrodisia roses: 697309012003
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Desire vanilla: 697309012072
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Libido exotic fruits: 697309012027
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Lavender Sensation: 697309012065
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Fishing Stimulation: 697309012034
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Romance Strawberry Champagne: 697309012089
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Serenity Monoi: 697309012133
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Adorable Coconut Thrills: 697309012102
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Love Lotus Heart: 697309012232
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Irresistible Fusion of Asia: 697309012188
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Midnight Flower Seduction: 697309012195
EAN/UPC of Perfume:Sensual Flower of the Islands: 697309012249

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Automatically translated from: french A perfect smell as always. Very good product.

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